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A Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt is a stylish and timeless addition to any closest.  As you begin your hoodie adventure, try keeping these elements in mind:

  • Graphic & Design - This includes the colors used on the sweatshirt, the image of Marilyn Monroe and how its edited, and how these are both combined.  The graphics are separated by artistic and theme differences into 7 categories.
  • Sweatshirt Type - You can choose between a hoodie, a jogging sweatshirt, and an old-fashioned 50s sweater.
  • Sweatshirt Material - Sweatshirts use different materials for comfort, warmth, and durability.  Some common materials include cotton, polyester, fleece, and blends between materials.

Choosing Your Hoodie Material

Marilyn Monroe sweatshirts, like all sweatshirts, come in a variety of materials.  Each material has some pros and cons, and sometimes materials are blended for the best of both worlds.  The two most common materials are cotton and polyester.


cotton marilyn monroe sweatshirt
Cotton Sweatshirt

Cotton is the all-natural route and has some of the benefits you'd expect from an organic material.

Soft - Cotton and its variations are going to be the comfiest type of material for Marilyn Monroe sweatshirts.  100% cotton is the absolute softest hoodie you'll find after silk.

Breathy - This material breathes better than polyester, so you can stay warm without getting too sweaty.

Biodegradable - You can have peace of mind knowing this sweater is environmentally friendly and would break down in a landfill.


Polyester is made from a woven plastic and has some advantages over cotton.  It is rare to find a Marilyn Monroe Sweatshirt that is 100% polyester, usually it is blended 50/50 with some other material.

Durable - Polyester is strong and won't fade over time like cotton can.  If you have a 100% polyester Marilyn Monroe hoodie you could potentially pass it on as a family heirloom forever. It's very durable.

Colors Don't Fade - This stuff really holds color!  You can leave it in the sun, drop it down a waterfall, beat it with a tennis racket--the color is not letting go of this material

Holds Shape - This material doesn't shrink or malform easily.  You can pull it hard, and unless you are as strong as Marilyn Monroe was in 1949, the sweatshirt is not going to rip easily.

Drys Quickly - This material isn't absorbent and you would never find it used in towels for example.  Polyester is usually used in sporty clothes for this reason, it can evaporate sweat quickly.  It doesn't breath very well and that's why it is rare to find a sweater that's 100% polyester-- you would get very sweaty.

Weird Smell - Some people comment that the material can have a weird smell, especially if you leave it in a baking hot car in the summer.

Not as comfortable - A polyester Marilyn Monroe hoodie is not quite as comfortable as a 100% cotton one.  If you have sensitive skin I recommend you stay away from a 100% polyester sweatshirt.

Cotton and Polyester Blend

Cotton and Polyester have a completely different set of pros and cons.  By combining them together 50/50 you get a Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt that is the best of both worlds.  This blend is definitely the most common type of hoodie material in existence and you will see it everywhere.

If comfort is your main concern you should try to have a 100% cotton hoodie.  However, a 50/50 sweatshirt is still very comfortable and I'm guessing that most of the clothes you own are a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend.

A Gallery Of Marilyn Monroe: Hoodie & Sweatshirt Graphics

With an estimated 500,000 photos taken, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most photographed people ever. Some sources of photos include publicity shoots, professional portraits, commercials and advertisements, photojournalists, personal photos, and photos taken by fans.

Marilyn Monroe Sweater Art InspirationThe amount of material available to hoodie and sweatshirt designers is enormous.  The same photos can even be used in hundreds of variations, producing an infinite amount of hoodie or sweater possibilities.

I have been searching through the Marilyn Monroe hoodie world for months, yet I still come across new and original twists all the time.

This photo, from the 1954 movie ‘River of no Return’, is one of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic portraits and it is used on dozens of sweatshirts.

When possible I try to feature the original photo next to hoodies and sweaters so you can compare what changes have taken place.  Remember there are over 500,000 though, so they are not always possible to find.

The Popular Bandanna and Gangster Theme


The gangster artistic interpretations of Marilyn mixes well with her do-whatever-it-takes personality.  Tattoos, bandanas, and guns all help bring out a unique look.


If you look closely you will find patterns of roses, diamonds, and even her own face with tattoos as a tattoo.  Theres also skulls, birds, and other flowers.  An entire post could cover the details of the gangster Marilyn Monroe hoodie art.


The most famous gangster hoodie features Marilyn with 50 caliber desert eagle handguns crossed across her body.  There is a huge variety of gun sizes but the desert eagle handguns in this are the biggest in any hoodie.  Marilyn Monroe’s blond hair in 50’s style curls balances the aggressive gangster vibes. 

Even if you are an old-fashioned fan of Marilyn Monroe this one is worth trying to appreciate.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but then it grew on me.  It’s now one of my favorites hoodies.

Marilyn Monroe Hoodie Rue 21
Rue 21 exclusive Marilyn Monroe hoodie.

According to artists, Marilyn usually prefers a red paisley pattern bandana.  In the designs she is wearing this to hide her identity, running from the law for whatever reason.  She can't fool us though, the gold curly hair and blue eyes are a dead giveaway that it is she.

You can find hoodies that feature other colors of bandana besides just red but they are rare.  Rue 21 carries the biggest variety of bandana hoodie with turquoise, bright orange, yellow, and cheetah pattern.


Roses are often given to those we love and especially when our loved ones die we give bring roses to the grave.  Because of Marilyn's untimely death, roses still accompany her image to accentuate the tragedy of her story.  They also help bring some more red to any hoodie and crank up the life of it.

The gangster hoodie uses roses in a California Latino style.  You can also find roses on non-gangster sweatshirts and sweaters that are meant more for family friendly gifts.


"Diamonds are a girl's best friend" is a song synonymous with Marilyn's image and you see diamonds as a common theme in all her gangster hoodie art.

The song originally comes from her movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes where she sings about taking advantage of men for their money.  While Marilyn has her sweet side she was definitely unforgiving to most men and was not afraid to do what ever it took to move up.

The Rue 21 "Theif" hoodie features Marilyn holding a diamond while wearing a bandana.  Whether the title means she stole the diamond or got it from a guy is left to the imagination.


Classic and Vintage Marilyn Monroe Sweatshirts

Instead of modern artistic twists these sweatshirts are all Marilyn Monroe.

Many of the designs show a classic Marilyn Monroe image with little or no editing.  There may be some color touch up to make it clear and crisp looking, but no tattoos or gangster Marilyn Monroe here.

The image is usually accompanied by stylish font with messages like “Legendary”, “Marilyn”, or some quotes from the actress.

Classic and vintage sweatshirts can be for anyone, but if you are looking for a gift these might be especially good for:

  • Movie fans
  • People who always reading Marilyn Monroe books
  • Kids and new Marilyn Monroe fans
  • When you aren’t sure if the other hoodies are appropriate, a

Poppy and Fun Marilyn Monroe Sweatshirts

Similar to Marilyn Monroe, these hoodies have a playful, witty and even sassy vibe.

To inject extra wittiness these hoodies sometimes use quotes or words.  Some directly from the actress herself and some from pop culture.

The quotes made by Marilyn are known as “Marilynisms”.  They are a perfect blend of wit and innocence.  Quotes like

“Being Normal is Boring!”

Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.”

On the other hand, quotes from pop culture leverage Marilyn Monroe’s image to make a cool hoodie.  These quotes are usually shorter and simple things like “Baked!”, “Princess”, “Ratchet!”, or “Supreme”.  These extra poppy hoodies are less Marilyn Monroe focused and sometimes her image is even obscured.  They sacrifice recognizability for moderness, and some people may not even recognize the woman is Marilyn Monroe on your sweater or sweatshirt.

Other sweatshirts remain more aloof and don’t use any quotes at all.  They can have images of Marilyn Monroe dressed like its 2017 or hanging out with a modern day celebrity like lana del ray sweater.

If Marilyn has tattoos the sweatshirt begins to skirt the line between pop and a gangster hoodie.  Usually a red bandanna or a gun on the sweatshirt or sweater is the determining factor for the right category.

Cali Hoodie

No state loves Marilyn Monroe like California.  A hoodie, sweater, or sweatshirt with Marilyn Monroe has a good chance of also having some other California symbolism and branding mixed in.  She herself image is a symbol of California, she gives people hope that they can rise from tough backgrounds and make it to the top.

These hoodies are some of the best sellers and make great gifts.  Many of them are made by California Republic and have a really high quality.  The all time best selling Marilyn Monroe hoodie comes from this style and shows her image imposed onto a giant "CALIFORNIA"

Dark Marilyn Monroe Hoodies

marilyn monroe hoodie sweater sweatshirtThe real Marilyn Monroe we love is Norma Jean Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe was her stage name), the girl with a tough childhood who bounced from orphanage to orphanage.  It was only through relentless hard work and hustle she rose to the top.   The witty quotes, humor, and intellectual parts come from Norma.  When she went on stage or made public appearances she used the Marilyn Monroe image she had created.

The hoodie artists bring out the two sides in creative ways, some hoodies showing two contrasting images--one Marilyn and one Norma.  Others take it further and have half Marilyn half zombie marilyn.  I think in the future we will see more hoodies jumping into this style.  They are deep artwork and for people who understand her the most.

Artsy Marilyn Monroe Sweatshirts

This kind of hoodie ranges from simple to elaborate.  Perfect for the Marilyn Monroe lover who dabbles in their own art projects.

Put them all side by side and you will have a Marilyn Monroe hoodie art gallery.  The colors on these really pop and are designed to catch the eye.  In this sweatshirt style, you will find sub-genres of vintage, abstract, and vector art.

The vintage style sweater or hoodie will show Marilyn Monroe free from any coloring, usually just black and white or the original color of the photo.  The way the image is printed is what makes it art, for example you could have Marilyn standing next to a modern celebrity like Lana del Rey.

Abstract hoodies are fair game for elaborate patterns, colors and collages.  Some of the most creative hoodies are under this umbrella category.  Most images of Marilyn Monroe will be highly altered and twisted before making their way onto the sweatshirt.

This kind of Marilyn Monroe hoodie tends to come and go quickly and has a life span of about 6 months. This happens because there are so many artsy hoodies, and the designs get only a small amount of buyers then demand fizzles out.  Most are designed by solo artists and printed through a company like RageOn.

An Ode To The Hoodie

In case you didn't already notice—I love hoodies.  Depending on the weather it can be an outer layer, an inner layer, a shirt or a jacket.  Plus it comes with a free hat you can never lose.

You can wear a hoodie to a wider range of social functions than any piece of clothing.  You can lounge around your place, go exercise, catch a movie and never have to take your hoodie off.

It's important to get a hoodie that you love to show off.  This is something you will be wearing a lot so it needs to be cool and exciting.  If all you had was a plain grey hoodie your style is going to be weak and so less lively than something with art.

That's what I love about a Marilyn Monroe hoodie is that you can not go wrong with the art.  Put the most interesting woman on the immortal hoodie and you have a fashion statement every moment of the day.

New Trends

The Marilyn Monroe hoodie scene was a different landscape 15 years ago then it is today.  Originally most Monroe hoodies were for tourists with a vintage picture and stylish lettering--great for gifts.  These still exist today but with the addition of diverse newcomers.

One of the major new hoodie styles is the bandana, gangster, and tatted Marilyn.  People were skeptical of these at first but they have since become top sellers with a cult following.  The gangster style highlights the rebellious side of Marilyn Monroe.

Zipper or no Zipper

A hoodie can either have a zipper or not.  Most popular designs are available in both zipper and no-zipper.  However less common designs will usually only be available on a no-zipper hoodie.

The main reason you would want a zipper hoodie is to quickly adjust the warmth of your wear.  If you are wearing another layer of Marilyn Monroe below your hoodie it can be a way to double up the MM too.

It also helps for stylishly whipping off your hoodie should you decide to throw a spontaneous fashion show.

Welcome to the Hood

The hood lets your Marilyn embrace you even tighter.  Most thick hoodies will come with strings for pulling the hood tight in windy and cold weather.  The lighter the hoodie you get the more likely the hood is string-free one size fits all.

A hood is also extra room for a designer to get creative.  An exceptional Marilyn Monroe hoodie will have artwork blasting the hood and locking down the flavor of the look.  One awesome example of this is the red bandana hoodie from Etsy, however, these are more expensive because they often times need to be handmade.

Kangaroo Mum

Whenever I slip on an over-the-head hoodie I can't help but feel a tad more kangaroo.  The pouch just brings out the marsupial in me and before I know it my hoodie pouch is bulging like a kangaroo mum.  The pouch is definitely the reason people often reach for a hoodie over a normal sweatshirt.

Sleeves Off

A badass variation to the typical hoodie is no-sleeves.  You can't beat having a pouch, and with no-sleeve hoodies, it's possible to do it comfortably on a hot day.

Most designs are not available in no-sleeve hoodies out of the box.  Luckily its easy to make your own and there are tons of DIY guides online.

Matching Joggers

To take your comfort up a notch you can throw on a pair of Marilyn joggers.  These will deck you out head to toe in full Marilyn Monroe style.  It's 2017 and joggers are no longer just for the house and the weight room you can wear these to any place you would wear your hoodie, so might as well pair them up.

If you are going to the weight room or working out these are perfect.  They let you get a bit of Marilyn motivation and style into every part of your day.

Most of the available designs only feature Marilyn Monroe on the upper leg.  I'd prefer to see some more creative variations that coat the entire surface of the jogger in Marilyn art.  Please share some of these with me in the comments if you have a favorite.

You can't go wrong with a hoodie, you can't go wrong with Marilyn Monroe.  Combine them together into one and you have an exciting fashion anomaly.

Sweatshirts and Sweaters

A sweatshirt is like a hoodie minus the hood and pocket.  Traditionally they are a little more formal than their cousin, but nowadays you wear them anywhere.  Some people also call no hood sweatshirts sweaters, but sweaters are made of wool and woven in a knitted style.

All-over-print Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt

All-over-print means that the Marilyn Monroe image will take up the entire sweatshirt material.  This technique usually results in a more colorful sweatshirt compared to one that only has the graphic on the center of the chest.

The style can be more expensive than other variations because it takes more time, dye, and better tools to make.  but you can’t beat the unique style.

Avoid iron-on graphics

Iron-on graphics feel hard, they aren't part of the material like a dyed graphic.  These will wear easily and after a few washes your Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt art can start to peel off.  They are much cheaper than any other kind of sweatshirt, but still worth investing in a high-quality graphic.

What to match with

Sweaters and sweatshirts give you a little more freedom to match than something with a hood.  Especially with leggings where a hood can add too much bulk and divert attention from your Marilyn Monroe design and your leggings.

If you are a guy you can match your Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt with some jogger pants or workout shorts.  Jeans are a neutral area that people will accept just fine, but for an all-over-print, it is not ideal.

Wideneck style

If you want a slightly sexier style of sweatshirt, a Marilyn Monroe wideneck sweatshirt is wide enough to hang the sweatshirt off to either side. While still providing warmth, this fleece, which comes with a few Marilyn Monroe designs and has the classic ribbed cuffs and waistband.

Revealing more of your shoulders feels great, like part toga, part sweatshirt.  This majestic style is something I think Marilyn would have liked.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Women

Marilyn is a role model for many young women so it makes sense there are hoodies designed with women in mind.

Depending on your style these hoodies may or may not be for you.  Many of them come with inspiring and famous quotes from Marilyn like:

“A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.”

Besides quotes you can find embellishments of sparkle and pink.  In our era Marilyn is very flexible and supportive, she doesn't mind being whatever you need as long as no one is getting hurt. 



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